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Our Club

Iron Oak is conveniently located near the centre of Ballarat and is open 24/7.  Our spacious premises house a range of brand new equipment and devices. We have a Membership Plan to suit you.


Our coaches

Our coaches are qualified personal trainers with many years experience in the fitness industry. Their focus is on creating effective lifestyle habits.

About Us

Iron Oak is about Training as well as Nutrition, Motivation and Education. We help you to understand how it all works so that you can create a sustainable, ideal lifestyle.

Helping you grow with us!

Who we are

Iron Oak Australia is brought to you by two aspiring coaches with the main focus being on creating effective lifestyle habits. This is achieved through Training, Nutrition, Motivation and most importantly Education. We believe that you, like us, don’t want to just perform the actions you want to understand how it works making your ideal lifestyle sustainable!

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